Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association

Starting in 2007 this was the Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association website till around 2012. The content below is from site's 2008-2010 archived pages. It you are looking for the current Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association website go to:


The first meeting of baseball coaches to organiz the Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association took place in 1965.  Jay Sanders of Highland Park High School was the first President and Ron Klein of New Trier High School was the first Vice-President. The first Executive Board Members were Jack Kaiser of Oak Park-River Forest High School, Jim Phipps of Niles High School, and Claire Lossin of Riverside Brookfield High School.  Other significant coaches involved in the formation of the IHSBCA included Ken McGonagle of Evanston High School and Jack Mallory of Waukegan High School.

The organization was originally formed to allow seniors that were left off of American Legion rosters an opportunity to play in the summer.  This was sanctioned by the IHSA.

At the time, Les Miller, the Head Baseball Coach of The University of Illinois at Chicago was holding annual clinics for coaches.  He agreed to share his clinic with the IHSBCA.  Thus, the birth of our present day coaches clinic.  The first clinic was held at Oak Park-River Forest High School.  Since then, many high school and college coaches have contributed to the success and growth of our clinics.

One of the first actions of the IHSBCA was to petition the IHSA to have the 16-game limit for public schools increased.  With the support of the Principals, Ron Klein and Marty Wiora of Benet Academy got the schedule expanded to 25 dates, of which ten of those dates could be doubleheaders.  As it stands today, all member teams of the IHSA can play 35 total games, with no doubleheader stipulations.

The first Hall of Fame banquet was hosted in 1978.  The initial inductees were All Budde of Belleville High School, Guy Cartwright of North Chicago High School, George Fencl of Morton High School, Martin McCarty of North Shore County Day High School, Jim Phipps of Niles High School, Ed Papciak of Lane Tech High School, Ed Stonebock of Peoria Manual High School, and Jack Kaiser.  

Today our organization boasts over 600 members, we select an All-Area team and an All-State team, our clinic continues to grow in attendance and quality speakers, and we try to be an integral influence on the IHSA in all matters related to Illinois High School Baseball.  

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Coaches Clinic


The 2008 Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association Clinic/Awards Dinner will be held on Friday, February 1 and Saturday, February 2 at the Bulls/Sox Academy in Lisle.  Chuck Gandolfi has outdone himself putting together an outstanding line-up of speakers.  Every coach will take something away from this clinic to use in his program.

Friday, February 1

4:30                    Registration begins, exhibits open
5:45 – 6:25         Table of Champions – Drills to help your team and program
Doug Sutor, Sandburg High School
                                    Dustin Nail, Columbia High School
6:25 – 6:50         Outfield Fundamentals and Drills
Tony D'Anza, IHSBCA Hall of Famer
6:50 -- 7:10         Visit the Exhibitors
7:15 – 8:00         Drills to help you find your best swing
John Cohen, Head Coach, University of Kentucky
8:00 – 8:10         IHSBCA Announcements
8:10 – 9:00         Evaluating your talent and recruiting
John Cohen, Head Coach, University of Kentucky
9:00 – 11:00       IHSBCA Hot Stove coaches appreciation reception

Saturday, February 2

7:00                    Registration begins, exhibits open
8:15 – 9:00         Creating the Big Inning
John Cohen, Head Coach, University of Kentucky
9:00 – 9:25         Cut-off and relay system to fit your personnel
Sean McDermott, UIC Assistant Coach
9:25 – 9:55         Stealing bases to steal some wins
John Russo, Head Coach, Vermont Mountaineers
10:00 – 10:25     Holding runners and the left-handed pick-off move
Irish O'Reilly, ABCA and IHSBCA Hall of Famer
10:25 – 10:50     Offensive philosophy used at UIC
Sean McDermott, UIC Assistant Coach
10:50 – 11:00     IHSBCA Awards
11:00 – 11:45     Defensive practice organization
Rex Sanders, Texas AM High School
11:45 – 1:00       Lunch
1:00 – 1:45         Major League sinker, slider, curve and change
Larry Monroe, Chicago White Sox
1:45 – 2:30         Two-strike hitting approach and drills
 Jack Perconte, 11-year major leaguer
2:30 – 3:15         Catching fundamentals and drills
Cliff Brown, Chicago White Sox
3:15                     IHSA Rules interpretation meeting 




     John Musachio, Head Coach Oakland University
                            Winning With Command of your Fastball
7:10-7:35             VISIT THE EXHIBITORS
7:35-8:15             Mark Haley, Arizona Diamondbacks
                            Throw and release techniques to improve your throw out percentage
8:20-9:00             Dr. Mike Marshall, Major League Record holder and 1974 Cy Young Winner
                            The traditional pitcher: injury prevention -- biomechanical and anatomical
9:00-11:00           IHSBCA Coaches and Exhibitors Appreciation Reception
7:00am                Registration Begins
8:10-8:50             Paul Belo, Palatine High School
                            A Winning Approach To Hitting
8:50-9:30            Dr. Brent Walker, Mental Training Consultant
                           Play In The Zone:  Your Competitive Edge
9:30-10:10          Jami Isaacson, Knox College 
                           Offensive Pressure Baseball
10:10-10-25       IHSBCA Salutes Jim Brownlee, ISU   Plus, IHSBCA 1A and 2A Award Winners
10-25-10:50        VISIT THE EXHIBITORS
10:50-11:30        Dr. Mike Marshall, Major League Record holder and 1974 Cy Young Winner
                            Powerful mechanics, 2 fastball releases, high spin curve, Screwball and pick-offs
11:30– 11:40       IHSBCA 3A and 4A  Award Winners and Announcements 
1:20-2:00             Mark Haley, Arizona Diamondbacks
                            How Well Do We Utilize Our Players?   
2:00– 2:40           Justin Stone, Chicago White Sox
                            Progressive Hitting Drills, Pitch Recognition and Approach
2:40-3:15             Marty Kobernus, Chicago White Sox
                            The Physically Efficient Pitcher
3:15-3:30             TRX Suspension Training
                             With The Chicago White Sox




To register for the 2010 Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association Clinic and Hall of Fame Dinner, click on the MEMBERSHIP link on the left of this page, print it, and send the page with payment to Don Sutherland at Cary-Grove High School.  His contact information is at the bottom of that page.

Once again, the Bulls/Sox Training Academy in Lisle will be our host for the IHSBCA Coaches Clinic.

FRIDAY  February 5, 2010
4:00pm               Registration and Exhibitors Booths Open
5:00- 6:00           Chris Paproth, Ron Smith, Jared Voss, Mike Napolean
   1A, 2A, 3A, 4A State Champions  
   Helpful Offensive Plans
 6:00-6:50           John Cohen, Head Coach Mississippi State
                           Helping Young Hitters Find a Stroke
6:50-7:10            VISIT THE EXHIBITORS
7:10-8:00            Butch Thompson, Pitching Coach Mississippi State University
                           Bullpen Enhancement along with Absolute Drill Series
8:00-9:00            John Cohen, Head Coach Mississippi State University
                           Mississippi State Wall Ball
9:00-11:00          IHSBCA Coaches and Exhibitors Appreciation Reception
SATURDAY  February 6, 2010
7:00 a.m.            Registration Begins (Coffee and Doughnuts)
8:00- 8:50Cory Stevens, Head Coach Wabash College
                           Indoor Practices and Multiple Team and Position Drills   
8:50-9:40           Pete Caliendo, President Caliendo Sports International
                          International Baseball Hitting Drills and Skills
9:40-10:05        VISIT THE EXHIBITORS
10:05-10:35      Mike Huff, Chicago White Sox
                         Bunting for Hits and Sacrifices -- Ideas and Drills
10:35-11:25      Joe Walsh, Head Coach Harvard University
                         Winning with Lesser Talent
11:25– 12:45     LUNCH AND VISIT THE EXHIBITORS   50/50 Raffle winners
12:45 -12:50      IHSBCA Announcements    
 12:50 – 1:40      Mike Huff, Chicago White Sox
                           An Outfielders Mindset and Fundamentals      
1:40- 2:30          Justin Stone, Chicago White Sox
Infield Fielding Philosophy and Drills
2:30– 3:20         Nate Metzger, Heartland C.C. Head Coach and staff
                          Practice Organization
3:20- 3:30          IHSBCA Closing Comments





Hall of Fame


Alton, Don Rochester High School 2008
Anderson, Bill Thornton Fractional High School 1987
Anderson, Harry Pekin High School * 1979
Appleton, “Doc” Proviso High School * 1978
Ayers, Terry Fenton High School 1999
Banks, Duane University of Iowa 1995
Bass, Duffy Illinois State University 1988
Beal, Bob Pekin High School 1984
Beck, Robert Massac County High School 1988
Bednar, Chuck Galesburg Sr. High School * 2006
Behrens, Wally University of Illinois 1986
Bellino, John Saint Bede Academy 2001
Bencriscutto, Fred Dundee-Crown High School 2007
Bender, Gary Rock Island High School 1998
Bernard, Gil Mt. Vernon High School 2007
Blaha, Bob Thornton High School * 1978
Blumberg, Fred Freeberg High School 2004
Bonall, Bill Herrin High School 1987
Bonk, Bill Quigley High School 1979
Borkowski, Skip Oak Lawn High School 1994
Brucker, Ed Woodstock High School 1997
Bruckner, Barry Rich Central High School 1998
Budde, Al Belleville West High School 1977
Burns, Don Glenbard West High School 1981
Callas, Les Prosser Vocational High School 1988
Cantrell, Claxton "Clay" Illini Bluffs/Peoria Heights High Schools 2003
Carley, Dick Bradley Bourbonnais High School 1989
Carstens, Al Maine West High School 1978
Cartwright, Guy North Chicago High School 1977
Christopher, Ron Chicago Steinmetz High School 1991
Cougill, Jerry Reed-Custer High School 1994
Creek, Gene Lake Land High School 1994
Czarnecki, Ron Reavis High School * 1985
D’Anza, Tony St. Xavier University 2002
DaCosse, Gene Wilson Sporting Goods 1991
Dallas, Bob Gallatin County High School 1990
Damos, Ted Waukegan High School 1980
Darrah, Jim Illinois Institute of Technology 1997
Debolt, Ron Wheeling High School 1986
Dedin, Tom University Of Illinois 1985
Dehner, Louis “Pick” East St. Louis High School 1986
Demaar, Wayne St. Charles High School 1986
Dooley, Mike St. Xavier University 2005
Due, Charles Champaign Central High School 1985
Dunlop, John Thornwood High School 2004
Eccles, Frank Thornton High School 1990
Elbe, Harry Camp Point Central High School 1980
Elko, Dave "Doc" Oswego High School 2003
Ellingson, Earl York High School 1983
Englert, John Elmwood Park High School 1990
Fencl, George Morton East High School 1977
Fletcher, Jack Marion High School 1981
Fox, Phil Downers Grove South High School 2008
Franklin, Leroy Simeon High School 2005
Franklin, Ty Peoria Richwoods High School 1980
Franson, Paul Downers Grove North High School 2000
Frerking, Paul Ridgewood High School 2009
Fulte, Lonnie Quincy Senior High School 1999
Galla, George Niles West High School 1998
Gandolfi, Chuck Carmel Catholic High School 2007
Ganser, Frank Andrew High School 1994
Garcia, Jaime Providence High School 1997
Gellinger, Terry William Fremd High School 1997
Gilbert, Ed Proviso West High School * 1979
Gillespie, Gordie College of St. Francis 1983
Girling, Bill Harlem High School 2009
Graham, Ned Lewistown High School 1996
Groot, Paul Schaumburg High School 1999
Guagenti, Ron Marian Catholic High School 1990
Haas, Tom Chicago Vocational High School 1997
Hahn, Roger Morton High School 1992
Hall, Jim Lockport High School 2005
Hanson, Gene College of Lake County 1999
Hasentab, Chuck Belleville West High School 1989
Hogan, Dan "Duck" Glenbard East High School 2004
Hogan, Dave Fenwick High School 1999
Horenberger, Jack Belleville West HS/Illinois Wesleyan U. 1982
Humay, Dan Freeport High School 1992
Humay, Jim Wheaton North High School 1993
Hunckler, Carl Naperville North High School 2008
Jackson, Larry Carbondale High School 1991
Jenkins, Ken Putnam County High School 1998
Johnson, Thomas Bremen High School 1992
Jonas, Joel Curie High School 1983
Jones, Ricard “Itchy” Southern Illinois University 1984
Kaiser, Henry Normal High School * 1988
Kaiser, Jack OakPark-River Forest High School * 1977
Kalmer, Dewey Bradley University 1993
Kazlausky, Fritz Grant High School 1985
Keener, John Edwards High School 1978
Kemmer, Michael Knoxville High School 2003
Kincanon, Mike Addison Trail High School 2010
Klein, Ron New Trier High School (Winnetka) 1980
Knop, Ken Stewardson-Strasburg High School 1979
Kracik, Claude Jean Lincoln Land College 2000
Kratochvil, Roger Mt. Olive High School 1980
Kraushaar, Bob Jacksonville High School 1978
Krizan, Kenn Beecher High School 2010
Kuehner, Don Marist High School (Chicago) 1980
Lawler, Phil Naperville Central High School 1997
Leeberg, Bill Montini High School 1995
Lehr, Dick Fairfield High School 1979
Leiber, Dick Lyon Township High School 1978
Lewis, Ed Beardstown High School 1978
Lewis, Joe Belvidere High School 1979
Lindley, Dave Hinsdale South High School 1996
Lindo, Mark Aurora Central Catholic High School 2005
Lober, Dale Illinois Valley Central High School 1979
Lodl, Al St, Francis DeSales High School 1987
Lounsberry, Dick Havana High School 1985
Luechtefeld, David Okawville High School 1983
Mackey, Bob Stevenson High School 1996
Mallory, Jack Waukegan East High School 1984
Mariani, Frank Holy Cross High School * 1990
Markelz, Butch Lockport Township High School 2010
Martin, Don Plainfield Central High School 2004
Massino, Joe Putnam county High School 1979
McAlvey, Don Thornwood High School 1988
McCarty, Martin North Shore Country Day School 1977
McDevitt, Tom Eastern Illinois University 1988
McDonald, Mike Morton High School 1991
McGonagle, Ken Evanston High School 1978
McKinnon, George Northwestern University 1989
McLoughlin, Neil Mundelein High School 2001
Mellen, Ron Sandburg High School 1984
Millard, Fritz East Peoria High School


Miller, Les University Of Illinois (Chicago Circle) 1981
Millspauch, Bill Olney High School 1978
Molek, Rod Driscoll Catholic High School 2006
Moomey, Pat Chatham Glenwood High School 2002
Morrey, John Xavier University (Ohio) 1998
Morrow, Lyle Wheaton Central High School 1982
Mowen, Rick Waukegan High School 1991
Mueller, Tom Schaumburg High School 2008
Myers, Tom Lake Forest High School 2007
Napoleon, Mike New Trier High School 2000
Neighbors, Ed Mt. Zion High School 1990
Newell, Robert Henry High School 1992
O’Reilly, Irish Lewis University 1987
Odle, Clyde Lockport High School 1986
Olson, Donald Maine East High School 1992
Ostrowski, John Illinois Benedictine University 2002
Otto, Al Rolling Meadows High School 1987
Panther, Jim Libertyville High School 1999
Papciak, Ed Lane Tech High School * 1977
Patton, Larry Belleville East High School 1988
Pettengell, Dave DeKalb High School 2002
Phipps, Jim Niles West High School 1977
Pierce, Cliff Schurz High School 1984
Pile, Tom Edwardville High School 1993
Pohlman, Larry Prospect High School 1983
Pohlman, Mike Bloom Township/Marian Catholic High Schools 2000
Prina, Pat Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School 2002
Pritkin, Harry Bowen High School 1977
Randall, Dave Waubonsee Community College 2001
Rashid, Jerry Peoria Notre Dame High School 2000
Riley, Mike Glenbard South High School 2009
Rodeghero, Joe Providence High School 2004
Rose, Randy Eisenhower High School 1991
Rowell, Dave West Aurora High School 2007
Ryan, Paul Naperville North High School 2006
Ryser, Terry Proviso East High School 1984
Sarver, Huby La Salle-Peru High School 1984
Saunches, Ray DuQuinn High School 1979
Saunches, Tom Argenta-Oreana High School 2009
Schlemmer, Bob Metamora High School 2001
Schmid, Jim Waubonsie Valley High School 1996
Schmid, Jim Marengo High School 1993
Schmidt, Fred Leyden High School 1989
Schmitt, Bob Limestone High School 1985
Schulte, Lee Marissa Jr-Sr High School 1982
Scianna, Andy Oak Forest High School 2003
Scott, Jim University High (Normal) 1980
Sedlacek, George Brother Rice High School (Chicago) 1979
Seiple, Bill Naperville Central High School 1996
Shatkowski, Wally Thornridge High School 1989
Shelton, Ron Warren High School 1993
Sisler, Herb Rockford-Auburn High School 1987
Skubich, Tom Hubbard High School 1995
Smargiassi, Don Pawnee High School 1986
Smilgoff, Jim Taft High School (Chicago) * 1980
Smith, Blayne Cobden High School 2009
Smith, Dick Naperville Central High School 1982
Smith, Kirby Barrington High School 1993
Smith, Larry Kaskaskia College 1996
Smith, Ron Olympia High School 2008
Staats, John K. Springfield High School 1982
Stegmeier, Robert Granite City High School 1992
Stelzer, Maynard Evergreen Park High School 1983
Stephens, James L. Streator High School 1982
Stevens, Danny El Dorado High School 2010
Stonebock, Edward Peoria Manual High School * 1977
Stuart, James Columbia High School 1989
Subject, Paul Grayslake High School 1979
Sulaski, Gary Hinsdale Central High School 1995
Sullivan, Skip Oak Lawn High School 2008
Sullivan, Terry Lyons Township High School 2000
Sutherland, Bill Proviso West High School * 1983
Sutherland, Don Cary Grove High School 2010
Sutor, Doug Sandburg High School 2005
Swisegood, Dave Plymouth High School/Southeastern High School 2004
Symonds, Bob Triton College 1986
Szukala, Jerry Lande Tech High School 1987
Taylor, Don Carlyle High School 1994
Thompson, Jay Harrisburgh High School 1997
Tomoleoni, Richard Clemente High School (Chicago) 1981
Trout, Dick Oak Park River Forest High School 1998
Tyler, Wayne Alton Senior High School 1981
Vidoni, Gene Casey-Westfield High School 1995
Ward, Charles Rockford West High School 1981
Weber, Larry Hononegah High School 2001
Wendell, John Buffalo Grove High School 2002
Wikierak, Gregg Marian Central Catholic High School 2010
Wiman, Bob Matoon High School 1995
Wiora, Marty Benet Academy 2001
Wooden, Tom Dunlap High School 2005
Workman, Jim Cullom Tri-point High School 1981
Zabroski, Len Morton East High School, TF South High School 2009
Zagorski, Ron Schurz High School 2007
Zeman, Bill Roanoke-Benson High School 1994

* Denotes deceased


1975 Les Miller 1975 Bob Plaskas
1976 Gordie Gillespie 1976 Terry Ryser
1977 Ron Klein 1977 Don Kuehner
1978 Ron Mellen 1978 Ron Czarnecki
1979 Gene DaCosse 1979 Larry Pohlman
1980 Bill Bonk 1980
1981 Ken McGonagle 1981
1982 Frank Eccles 1982
1983 Lee Eilbracht 1983 Jack Mallory
1984 Don Robinson 1984 Ron Czarnecki
1985 Jack Kaiser 1985 Jack Kaiser
1986 Bill Seiple 1986 Kirby Smith
1987 Larry Pohlman 1987 Ron Wojeicki,James Stuart
1988 Randy Rose 1988 Gary Bevington, Fred Schmidt, John Bellino
1989 Ron Czarnecki 1989 Jay Thompson, Fred Blumberg
1990 John Wendell 1990 Tom Pile, Ed Moore
1991 Ron DeBolt 1991 John Dunlop, Al Foppe
1992 John Dyke 1992 Frank Ganser, Rod Molek
1993 Bob Schlemmer 1993 Doug Mullaney,Ned Graham
1994 Mike McDonald 1994 Joe Rodeghero, Jeff Sefcik
1995 Rich Piatchek 1995 Dennis Steele, Bill Zeman
1996 1996 Pat Momey, Rich King
1997 Phil Lawler 1997 Paul Groot, Jef Sefcik
1998 Harvey Foster 1998 Tom Pile, Greg Bee
1999 Ron Ryan 1999 Len Asquini, Eric Regez
2000 Jim Hall 2000 Mike Napolean, Dave Greer
2001 Mike Moyzis 2001 Mike Mulligan, Steve Schulte
2002 Dan "Duck" Hogan 2002 Doug Sutor, Ron Smith
2003 Frank Eccles 2003 Kevin Feeney, George Ushela
2004 Dave Rogers 2004 Joe Thompson, Bob Kostuch
2005 Jim Newbill 2005 Kevin Feeney, Jim Hall
2006 Anthony Holman 2006 Jerry Rashid, Bill Seiple/Phil Lawler
2007 Phil Fox 2007 Dustin Nail, Robin Renner
2008 Jay Thompson 2008 Robert Lonergan, Ron Smith, Joel Hawkins, Dave Haskins
2009 Dave Rogers 2009 Chris Paproth, Ron Smith, Jared Voss, Mike Napoleon
2010  Pete Caliendo 2010  Jeff Moeller, Justin Fleener, Pat Moomey, 
Bill Seiple
1987 Harold Severns 1987 Jack Kaiser
1988 Dick Trout 1988 Ken McGonague
1989 Dave Engle 1989 Bill Seiple
1990 Dick Davis 1990 Garry Gustafson
1991 Phil Lawler 1991 Frank Ganser
1992 Mike Mulligan 1992 Frank Ganser
1993 Steve Heaton 1993 Jack Kaiser
1994 Tom Mueller 1994 Mike Napolean
1995 Bob Guilland 1995 Bob Mackey
1996 Dennis Short 1996 Carl Hunckler
1997 Ken Dobson 1997 Jim Panther
1998 Mike Waldo 1998 Jack Kaiser
1999 Craig Sincora 1999 Joe Rodeghero
2000 Mike Tice 2000 Greg Sharpe
2001 Don "Butch" Markelz 2001 Len Asquini
2002 Leo Maholic 2002 George Ushela
2003 Dan McCarthy 2003 Paul Groot
2004 Bill Hearn 2004 George Ushela
2005 Kurt Engle 2005 Mike Zunica
2006 Bill Taylor, Terry Kent 2006 George Ushela
2007 John Sime 2007 Doug Sutor
2008 John Theriault 2008 Paul Babcock
2009 Greg Billo 2009 Mike Zunica
2010  Tom Malloy 2010  Lee Milano
1984 Glen Van Poppel 1984 Jim Lapetina
1985 John Hennessy 1985 Bill Lemonier
1986 Nick Kamzik 1986 Joe Pompon
1987 Frank Piet 1987 Tom Balle
1988 Walter Millie 1988 Bob Flores
1989 Tony Levato 1989 Gene Fowler
1990 Bob Hale 1990 Bill Olson
1991 Doug Horning 1991 Bill O'Ciepka
1992 Bob Szmkowski 1992 DeWayne Gailiaert
1993 Jim Belz 1993 Rich Panovich
1994 Stan Zielinski 1994 Don Cobb
1995 Bill Bryk 1995 Marv Meinz
1996 Mike Herbert 1996 Jay Baum
1997 Al Otto 1997 Harry Rosenberg
1998 Nathan Durst 1998 Tim Kerr
1999 Tim Kelly 1999 Kevin Hayes
2000 Stu Cann 2000 Jeff Collis
2001 Marty Miller 2001 Steve Scheffer
2002 Ernie Pederson 2002 Dave Weglarz
2003 Terry Sullivan 2003 Henry Wilson
2004 Steve Breen 2004 Randy Kerschke
2005 Mike Daughtry 2005 Bob Copas
2006 Steve Arnieri 2006 Bert Person
2007 Scott Engler 2007 Danny Meziere
2008 Tom Barnard 2008 Chuck Graber
2009 Chris Heidt 2009 Dave Alstadt
2010  Andy Stack 2010  Brad Salley, Tom Sternquist
1987 Phil Lawler 1987 Keith Reinhard
1988 Gene DeCosse 1988 Jerry Shnay
1989 Bob Miller 1989 Darryl Van Schowen
1990 Ron DeBolt 1990 Tony Baranek
1991 John Ostrowski, Tom Purcell 1991 Jim Wilorick
1992 Don Robinson, Tom Haas 1992 Marty Stengle
1993 Jim Newbill, Jay Thompson 1993 Norm Sanders
1994 Rich Piatchek 1994 Joe Bush
1995 Tony D'Anza 1995 Art Kimball
1996 1996 Terry Coley
1997 Frank Eccles, Randy Rose 1997 Dale Bowman
1998 Ron Ryan, Jim Schmid 1998 Jim Edison
1999 Bob Quinn 1999 Dick Goss
2000 Dennis St. Leger/Kevin Burns 2000 Art Menke
2001 Ed Mathey 2001 Bill Jauss
2002 Harvey Foster 2002 Marty Maciaszek
2003 Jeff Sedivy 2003 Kevin Schmit
2004 Bill Seiple 2004 Pat Disabato
2005 Len Asquini 2005 Sean Duncan
2006 Mike Riley 2006 Joe Stevenson
2007 Kenny Fullman 2007 Larry Gross
2008 Phil Lawler 2008 Ken Karrson
2009 Jeff Bonebrake 2009 Drake Skleba
2010  Eric Regez 2010  Steve Soucie


1990 Tom Price -- Edwardsville
1991 Cliff Floyd -- Thornwood
1992 Jason Imirsek -- Andrew
1993 Kelly Dransfeldt -- Morris
1994 Sean Johnson -- Highland Park
1995 Jody Gerut -- Willowbrook
1996 James Williamson -- Oak Park-River Forest
1997 Jayson Werth -- Chatham Glenwood
1998 Vince Serafini -- Lockport
1999 Jim Caine -- St. Charles
2000 Carmen Pignatello -- Providence Catholic
2001 Wade Greenlee -- Bradley Bourbonnais
2002 Geoff Orr -- Sandburg
2003 Sean Walker -- Carmel (Mundeline)
Kyle O'Brien -- Glenbard East
2004 Dean Cademartori -- Notre Dame (Niles)
2005 Tanner Roarke -- Wilmington 
Mike Bowden -- Waubonsie Valley 
Matt Otteman -- Lockport
2006 Zach McAllister -- Illinois Valley Central 
Colin Bates -- Naperville Central High School
2007 Ben Thoma -- Columbia
Jake Smolinski -- Rockford Boylan

2008  Joe Zeller -- Routt Catholic
Adam Davis -- Driscoll Catholic
Jake Odorizzi -- Highland
Nick Martini -- Prairie Ridge

2009 Josh Glick -- Lincolnwood 
Matt Frahm -- Olympia 
Nick Ratajczak -- Joliet Catholic
Seth Schwindenhammer -- Limestone Community
2010  Ryan Perez -- Westminster Christian
Derek Thompson -- Teutopolis
Jake Ingold -- Glenwood
Shane Conlon -- Naperville Central


2002 Jim Koller -- Palatine High School
2003 Mike Fritz -- Conant High School
2004 Bill Bentivegna -- Palatine High School
2005 Bill Pirman -- St. Viator High School
2006 Bob "Red" Miller -- Gordon Tech High School

2007 Bob Taylor -- Stevenson High School

2008 Jim Reiland -- Marmion High School

2009 Len DiForte -- Summer Collegiate Baseball

2010  Gary Bereiter -- Zion Benton High School